Hello, new V-Family Member.

We have been waiting for you!

Being a consultant
is not a job title it's a profession.

Let’s face the truth: consulting is often seen as an “in between job” before I jump into a corporate structure to be safe for the rest of my career. And you know what? That’s ok, but I can tell you at Ventum China we live a different consulting life. An here is how…

When you graduate from highschool you will be equipped with experienced colleagues. We have a straight forward “please ask us anything policy” and yes, promotions and raises can be transparently discussed with your line manager. 

Our vision is to build a home for you that you want to stay in for a long time. Together with friends and family. Building this foundation of trust and common vision helps our clients to rely on us long term. 

6 good Reasons for your Future with Ventum Consulting.

Because you create impact.

Because you grow with Ventum.

Because Ventum is a different kind of consulting company.

Because we value you and your skills.

Because a good feeling is important to you.

Because together we don’t just want the standard.

There is a reason, why we as Ventum China team take on sustainability. Together with our clients we create impact for people, environment and the entire society. It’s time now to be active and not wait for others to save the world. 

From day 1 at Ventum China, every new member of the team is placed in an important position in our journey of growths. Every person has an individual impact on the company. How? Your personal impact will e defines in your individual target agreement. 

Our team members and clients say that we, as Ventum China, operate differently, speak differently to each other and cooperate on every level of our journey. You can be sure that if you have challenges with clients or struggle with a personal topic: your V-family will support you to find a solution.

Every single team member is a V-family member. We value and respect everyone. Personal history, journey and ideas. Did’t you always want to be part of an environment where you can perform and at the same time be heard and valued? 

In our culture, we believe in failure culture. In most corporations these days, you are not allowed to make mistakes or directly get blamed and finger pointed at. We know how stressful this is, and we proactively live a different approach: only when you feel safe, valued and happy, you can work on your best terms. 

What is the standard anyway? Is it working 9-5 or only saying yes? We believe that high performance is a summary of a lot of components, and it starts with really understanding people’s needs: your own, your clients’, your colleagues’. It’s about delivering on point, beyond expectations. We help you do that! 

This is Part of your Package

Modern Office
Onboarding Fellow
Team Office Fridays

Flexible work
Home Office
Extra holiday for birthday etc.

Additional services
Company Benefits
Team events
Health Check

Fair salary
Sales Bonus
Recruiting Bonus
Training budget

Stay in touch

Our channels


Every individual counts!

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Your first steps at Ventum

All Beginnings are difficult? Not with us.

Before you start

Our People & Organization (P&O) team prepares everything for you. So they will take you though a well planned and structured preparation journey. Your line manager is chosen carefully and your colleagues prepared. We schedule a welcome lunch and dinner, so you meet everyone in person – not just at the office.

Your first day

Welcome to the team! We are super happy you are here and gladly show you around the office. The team will join you for your first lunch, and you will receive your laptop – ready to use. On SharePoint we developed an onboarding journey for you with videos, pictures and great descriptions that you can start to explore rght away. 

In you first weeks

From the very beginning you will be involved in all relevant discussions, topics, and exchanges. And our motto is: please ask if you have any questions. Your colleagues are prepared to take you on this amazing Ventum journey, and it works best if you listen and learn as much as you can. Questions are highly appreciated. 

And later...

You decide where you will go from here. Together with your management team and you colleagues, we define the path of Ventum China. With this path grows your career and impact. It’s a street that crosses, and we are very happy to have you on board going with us on this path.

Application Process

Your application

Your application

Who are you? All of it that doesn't fit in any resume. Therefore, you don't have to invest hours and many pages for our first pitch. Just send us your resume with relevant content, salary requirements and start date. Short, on point and of course professional.

What convinces us:
We are looking for applications that also offer detours and interesting pathways. That is what shapes people!
Your telephone interview

Your telephone interview

Our P&O team will quickly check with you hig level data and organizes then our first call. Now we want to get to know you personally. And you get to know us! In a 30-minute exchange, we find out whether we are a good fit for each other.

What convinces us:
How is the chemistry between you and us. This is what both of us can tell quite quickly. Let's see how your individual touch enriches our team and if we can provide you the home you are looking for.
Your personal interview

Your personal interview

In our PI we will show it all: Ventum China from the inside, project examples, and what we are expecting to achieve next. And of course we want to see who exactly you are. There will be a presentation from your side and an introduction of more details regarding your experience. This PI shall provide you with all answers to your decisions.

What convinces us:
What are your personal values? And why do you think a position at Ventum fits to your development plan... Let's find out!

Current Job Openings

    You cannot find the right position?
    Send us your resume and we will contact you directly.

    Your Ventum Recruiting Team

    Contact our P&O team

    Eliza WANG

    Eliza Wang

    Mariah LIU

    Mariah Liu

    Questions you might still have

    Corporate culture

    Usually it’s from 9am to 6pm. Of course, there might be urgent client needs that require your attention and will keep you busy a little longer. 

    If that happens on a regular basis, we will find a proper compensation for this. 


    We as Ventum China consider ourselves as “a different kind” of consulting company. We handle our communication very transparent and open. Furthermore, we, for example, have a weekly meeting where we discuss everything from projects, business development to internal team topics. 

    If any irritation or challenge appears, we directly solve them.

    As we are very intercultural and divers, our mindset is driven by cooperation and support. 

    And the good news: we are not just claiming it – we live it! 

    We have a wide range of company benefits you can participate in: birthday holiday, health check, monthly extra benefits, equality day, …

    You see, our people are the most important asset we have in this company. We take very good care of each individual!

    We don’t plan overtie as a standard. However, it can happen when projects are in their most critical phase. 

    If overtime becomes a habit, please check with your line manager to find a compensation.

    Projects and development

    Most of our projects require travelling during the week, but there are rarely projects where you have to relocate temporarily. 

    If there should be a request, it will be, of cause, discussed transparently with you. 

    No, we usually hire for a three-year period, which is not connected to any project duration.  

    We know each project and its contract terms. Our Business Development team is aware of upcoming staffing options and will consider you for their next projects. 

    You will be integrated into these discussions early on, so you are up-to-date at any point in time. 

    In general there is no problem with that. This shall be addressed with your line manager and discussed with the BD team as well as your current project leader. If all parties agree, you can move to a new project. 

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